Sonia Saikaley

Author and Poet

The Allspice Bath (Inanna Publications) is slated for publication in the spring of 2019. The story opens with Samira Azar questioning her newborn daughter as to why she was born a girl and not a boy. In a hospital room, the reader is introduced to the Azar family: Youssef, the domineering father; Samira, the quiescent mother; Rima, Katrina and Mona, the traditional daughters. Then there is the baby, not yet named, because the parents were hoping for a boy. Youssef is very disappointed that he will not have a son to continue his family name and he blames his wife for this "misfortune". In the end, a nurse names the little child 'Adele' and so begins the life of this strong, yet conflicted, girl who must define herself in the realms of her Middle Eastern family. Set in Ottawa, Toronto and Lebanon, this story is a reminder that dreams are possible in spite of hardships and healing can only begin with forgiveness.